Cofounded by Yanick Létourneau in 2000, PERIPHERIA is a film production company with a mission to create strong director driven stories for both local and international audiences. The company mainly produces feature films with a focus on international coproduction, developing projects with Latin America, Africa, Europe and Middle East.




LEMONADE, feature film by Ioana Uricaru. Drama. English. 88 min. Minority Canadian coproduction lead produced by Cristian Mungiu (Mobra Films) in coproduction with 42Film (Germany) and Filmgate (Sweden). World Premiere at the 68th edition of Berlinale (Panorama).

ROUGE GORGE, a documentary by Marie-Pascal Dubé. French. 52 min. A Canadian minority coproduction with Oeil Sauvage in France for TV5 Canada/Québec.


LIGHT OF UNGAVA, feature film by Juan Andres Arango. Drama/Adventure. English. A majority Canadian coproduction with Septima Films (Colombia).

THE NIGHT OF THE KINGS, feature film by Philippe Lacôte. Drama. French. A minority Canadian coproduction with Banshee Films (France) and Wassakara Productions (Ivory Coast).

IN COLD LIGHT, feature film by Maxime Giroux. Action drama. English. Canadian minority coproduction with Lithium Studio (Toronto, Canada).

12 FRAMES/SEC, feature film by Martin Laroche. Comedy. French

ROMAN RUINS, feature film by Meryam Joobeur. Drama. French, Arabic. Majority Canadian coproduction with Cinetelefilms (Tunisia) and Tanit Film (France).

PASSOVER, feature film by Daniel Schachter. Dramatic comedy. English. Majority Canadian coproduction with Six Islands (Toronto).

THE KEY, feature film by Ariel Nasr. Comedy. English.

NO MEAN DREAM, feature film by Daniel Schachter. Psychedelic comedy. English.

QUÉBEC ROCK, feature documentary by Erik Cimon. French.

GND, documentary by Francine Pelletier. French.

EXTREME RIGHT, documentary by Francine Pelletier. French.

KHL, documentary by Francis Delfour and Sébastien Tétrault. English/French. Eurodoc 2016.

STATELESS, feature documentary by Benedict Moran. English. Eurodoc 2016.

FREDY, feature documentary by Will Prosper. French.

PANAFRICA, feature documentary by Yanick Létourneau. English/French. Eurodoc 2016.

THE LAUZON THEORY, animation short by Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre. Drama/Documentary.

STANDSTILL, short film by Katia Shannon. Drama. English.

LEGACY, short film by Daniel Schachter. Drama. English.

THE KEY, short film by Shahab Mihandoust. Drama. English.


RETURN TO PARK EX (2017), documentary by Tony Asimakopoulos. 52 min. Canal D, CBC, Documentary Channel. Service Production Easter Productions.

X500 (X QUINIENTOS) (2016) feature film by Juan Andres Arango. Drama. 103 min. International Sales: Visit Films (US) Distributor Canada: Filmoption International Majority Canadian coproduction with Septima (Colombia) and Machete (Mexico).

GULISTAN, LAND OF ROSES (2016) documentary by Zayne Akyol. 80 minutes. Majority Canadian coproduction with MitosFilm (Germany) and National Film Board Canada.

MTL NEW WAVE (2016) documentary by Erik Cimon. 90 min. Broadcaster: Canal D.

DEEJAYS (2014), a documentary by Alexandre Frenois, 52 min. Broadcasters: SRC, ARTV (Canada).

24 H IN THE LIFE OF A DJ (2014), interactive production/doc web companion in coproduction with KNGFU, SRC & ARTV.

JUTRA (2014), (2014), a short animation film by Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre in coproduction with the NFB. 15 min. (Line producer for MJSTP Films). * Cannes Directors Fortnight 2014, Hot Docs 2014

ENTRE CHIEN ET LOUP (Spare Change) (2014), a short fiction film by Daniel Schachter. 17 min. Distribution: Travelling. *Palm Spring Short film Festival, RVCQ, DC Shorts Washington, RVCQ

THE LONGUEST KISS (2013), a feature documentary by Alexandra Sicotte-Levesque. 74 minutes. Distribution: F3M, Cine-fête Broadcaster: SuperChannel *RIDM 2013 (Special Mention Magnus Isaacson Award).

GASPE COPPER (2013) a short film by Alexis Fortier-Gauthier, written by Alexandre Auger. 15 Min. Winner of « Cours écrire ton court » de la SODEC / FNC 2009 Closing film of RVCQ 2013 (Canada) Distribution: F3M *Jutra nominated 2014, RVCQ 2013 Closing Film.

THE HAT GOES WILD (2012), A feature film by Guy Sprung. 90 min: Film Option Broadcaster: TMN

AMERICAN TIGER (2012), a documentary by Francis Delfour & Sebastien Tetraut. 52 min. Broadcaster: CBC (Nature of Things), Canal D, Nat Geo International

UNITED STATES OF AFRICA: Beyond Hip-Hop (2011), A feature documentary by Yanick Letourneau. 75 min. Broadcasters: SuperChannel, Tele-Quebec, South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC), Radio-Canada, Documentary Channel, InDemand (USA), iTunes (US) Distribution: NFB Theatrical Release in Canada. *RIDM 2011 (Critics Choice Award), FIPA 2012 (Biarritz), Vues sur mer 2012 (Audience Choice Award), DOXA 2012, Durban International Film Festival 2012, Shangaï International Film Festival, Festival d’Amiens.

UNITED STATES OF AFRICA INTERACTIVE (2012), An interactive companion web project to the feature United States Of Africa. A Peripheria, NFB & KNGFU co-production.

MONTREAL PUNK (2011) A documentary by Erick Cimon & Alain Cliché. 45 min. Theatrical release: Ex-Centris, Cinema Le Clap, Blue Sunshine Broadcasters: Canal D, Documentary Channel (Canada).

MARIALE (2011) A short film by Alexandre Auger. 11 min. Distributor: F3M

LE GARDIEN D’HIVER (WINTER’S KEEPER) (2010) A short film by Katherine Jerkovics. 15 min. Distributor: F3M Broadcaster: TFO

I WEAR THE VEIL (2010) A documentary by Natasha Ivisic & Yanick Letourneau. 52 min. Theatrical release: Ex-Centris, Cinema Le Clap Broadcasters: RDI, SRC, Documentary Channel, SVT (Sweden), NPS (Netherlands), Odisea (Spain).

USELESS THINGS (2009) A short drama by Faisal Lutchmedial. 15 min. Broadcaster: CBC Distribution: F3M Festivals: Trinidad and Tobago film festival, Reelworldfilm Festival, Les Rendez-vous du cinema quebecois, Minneapolis Festival, Cinesonika film festival

LADY WITH THE GLASS OF MILK (2009) A short film by Felix Rocque. 15 min. Distribution: F3M Festival: Prends ça court Special selection, Festival du nouveau cinema, Off-court de Trouville

THREE MOTHERS (2008) A short film by Daniel Schachter, 15 min. Broadcasters: CBC, Tele-Quebec Distribution: F3M Festivals: OFQJ price best short at Les rendez-vous du cinema quebecois, Atlantic Film Festival in Halifax, Festival du nouveau cinema in Montreal, Regard sur le court-metrage in Saguenay, Dresde Film Festival, Festival Cinéma de Paris, Cinema du Quebec in Paris, CFC Worldwide Short Film inToronto, Festival de Cine de Huesca, Off-court Trouville, Marche du court-metrage de Clermont-Ferrand, Vancouver film festival, London Film Festival, Shorts Film Festival and Asia in Tokyo, National screen Institute festival.

TERRITORIES (2007) A documentary by Mary-Ellen Davis, 65 min. Distribution: Film Option Broadcasters: Bravo!, Tele-Quebec, CBC Newsworld & TFO Festival: Les Rendez-vous du cinema québécois

MIDNIGHT BALLADS (2007) A documentary by Diego Briceño-Orduz. 52 min. Broadcaster: OMNI Television Festival: «Best documentary» at Reel World Films Festival in Toronto, Les Rendez-vous du cinema quebeçois

SOUVENIR KIDS (2006) A documentary by Diego Briceño-Orduz. 52 min. Broadcasters: CBC Newsworld, RDI, SRC & TVE (Spain) Distribution: Film Option Festivals: Festival de cinema des 3 Ameriques, Les Rencontres internationales du documentaire de Montreal, 8a Muestra Internacional Documental, Calgary Film Festival, Boston International Latino Film Festival, Winner of « Best electronic Media » by Beyond Borders (2006)

THE GOODBYES (Les Adieux) (2005) A short film by Lisa Sfriso. 15 min. Broadcaster: Tele-Quebec, ARTE (France) Festivals: Sprockets Toronto International Film Festival, Cinemental, Uppsala International short Film Festival, Les Rendez-vous du cinema Quebecois, Vancouver International Film Festival, Festival International du cinéma francophone en Acadie, Goyan International Children’s Film Festival, Cinefest Sudbury International Film Festival, Off-courts de Trouville, Festival International de courts-métrages Oberhausen, Festival du cinéma en court Québec, Festival Francophonie en Corée, Festival International des films for children Montreal, NSI Film Festival, Regard sur le court-metrage in Saguenay, Festival International du film Clermond-Ferrand, Victoria Independant Film & Video Festival, Festival du film court francophone de Vaulx-en-Velin, Festival du film court de Victoriaville, FIFM Winner of « Cours écrire ton court » de la SODEC / FCMM 2003, L’epi d'or price best short film, Silence on court! from festival Cinémental Budget : $140,000

JAM! (2005) Series Pilot for CBC, 30 minutes. (2005) An interactive news media project for youth by Yanick Letourneau in coproduction with Bluesponge.

CHRONIQUE URBAINE/URBAN CHRONICLE (2003) A feature documentary by Yanick Letourneau. 75 min. Broadcasters: Société Radio-Canada (SRC), RDI & CBC Distribution: F3M Theatrical release in Canada Festival selection: Les Rencontres internationales du documentaire de Montréal, winner of Pierre et Yolande Perrault du meilleur espoir documentaire Les Rendez-vous du cinéma québeçois, Vancouver International Hip Hop Festival, H2O International Hip Hop film Festival (New York), Atlanta Hip-Hop Film Festival, Africa in the Picture, Black Soil Film Festival, Ouaga Hip-Hop, ROTL Hip-Hop Film & graffiti Festival, 3e Symposium sur la culture Hip Hop de l’Université Concordia, Kine-Cafe de l’Université Sherbrooke - Selection des RIDM, Paraloeil de Rimouski, War is War

THINGS NEVER SAID IN PLAYA PERDIDA (2001) A short film by Diego Briceño-Orduz. 27 min. Festivals: Regard sur le court-metrage in Saguenay, Festival 3 Ameriques, Cine Las Americas, Best short drama Festivalissimo Montreal, Les Rendez-vous du cinema Quebecois, New York Latino Film Festival, Toronto Latino Film Festival, Festival Ibero American.

NADA (2001) A short film by Daniel Diaz. 10 min. Festival : Rendez-vous du cinema quebecois

A SADDLETREE (2000) a documentary directed by Diego Briceño-Orduz in coproduction with Colombia. 50 min. Festivals : Filmar in América Latina 2004, Geneve, Best documentary in Lake Arrowhead Film Festival 2001, Californie

514-50 HIP HOP (2000), A short documentary by Yanick Letourneau & Patricia Chica. 11 min. Broadcasters: TFO et ARTV Festivals: Festival du film francophone de Namur, Rendez-vous du cinéma Québécois

MONTREAL LA NUIT (2000), a short documentary by Patricia Chica. 11 min. Broadcasters: TFO et ARTV

LA REINE DE LA DRAGUE (2000), A short documentary by Patricia Chica. 10 min. Broadcasters: TFO & ARTV


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Yanick Létourneau, President and Senior Producer

Leslie Dabit, Head of development

Enzo Goupil, Accounting assistant

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