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Chronique Urbaine 2003

Chronique Urbaine

Filmed in the working class neighborhoods of Montreal, Chronique Urbaine follows the journey of Kamenga, alias SP, who quickly realized that, without music, he would be in the streets. Three years after creating his hip hop group, Sans Pression, he tragically loses his brother and channels his rage in a lifestyle that has nothing to do with music. Until one day, an event forces him to get out of it.

Rencontres Internationales du Documentaire de Montréal 2003

Les Rendez-Vous du Cinéma Québécois 2004

Vancouver International Hip-Hop Festival 2004

New York Hip-Hop Odyssey International Film Festival 2004

Atlanta Hip-Hop Film Festival 2005 (USA)

Africa in the Picture 2005 (Holland)

Montréal Hip Hop Film Festival 2005

Black Soil Film Festival 2005 (Holland)

Ouaga Hip Hop 2005 (Burkina Faso)

ROTL Hip Hop Film and Graffiti Festival 2006 (Germany)

Pierre-et-Yolande-Perrault award for most hopeful documentary, RVCQ 2004

Yanick Létourneau
Yanick Létourneau

Producers Yanick Létourneau / Diego Briceño


à venir

Distribution & sales

Distribution Canada Les Films du 3 Mars
Broadcasters SRC, RDI, CBC, RTB (Burkina Faso)

Technical Credits

Director of Photography Alain Julfayan / Yanick Létourneau
Film Editing Diego Briceño
Score Roberto C.Lopez
Sound Recording Marco Fania / Yanick Létourneau / Salvador Valdez
Sound Design Michel Grzelak
Hair and Make-up Marie-Ève Chevrette

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