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Spare Change 2013

Entre Chien et Loup

Sophie and Dave, two old friends from high school run into each other on the street. It’s the first time they’ve seen each other in a decade. Their conversation would not have lasted, if Dave, now a homeless man begging on the streets of downtown, had not asked Sophie to go take a shower at her place. After a long night of drinking, the two friends are getting to know each other again. But can Sophie trust Dave?

Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois

Palm Springs International Shortfest

Kyiv International Short Film Festival

Flicker : Rhode Island Film Festival

DC Shorts

coming soon

Short Film
Daniel Schachter
Daniel Schachter / David Gruber

Producer Hany Ouichou
Executif producer Yanick Létourneau


coming soon

Distribution & sales

Distribution Canada Travelling, Les films qui voyagent
Sales Travelling, Les films qui voyagent

Technical Credits

Director of Photography Philipe Roy
Film Editing Sophie Farkas Bolla
Score Brad Barr
Art Direction Louisa Schabas
Sound Recording René Portillo
Costumes Anne-Marie Kearns-Drapeau
Hair and Make-up Maîna Militza

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