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The Lauzon Theory 2022

Théorie Lauzon

The Lauzon Theory is an animated short film and an essay on the identity and mythical representation of the black sheep of Quebec cinema: Jean-Claude Lauzon. Director of Night Zoo (1987) and Léolo (1992), he was considered by many as the most promising filmmaker of his generation. But, caught up in a tragic fate early on, he was taken too soon from the film industry. He lost his life at the age of 44 when his plane crashed, the nebulous circumstances of which continue to haunt those closest to him. Through a collection of archives, interviews, animations, excerpts from his films, and characters from the talented director’s imagination, The Lauzon Theory aims to create a metaphysical portrait of a man as enigmatic as he was gifted.

coming soon

coming soon

An animated short film
Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre
Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre

Producer Pierre Villepelet
Executif producer Yanick Létourneau


Gilbert Sicotte

Distribution & sales

Distribution Canada Travelling

Technical Credits

Film Editing Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre / Jason Arbour
Art Direction Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre
Animation Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre / Brigitte Archambault
Sound Design Sylvain Bellemare
Narration Gilbert Sicotte

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