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The Longest Kiss 2013

À Jamais, Pour Toujours

The Longest Kiss follows the journey of six young Sudanese people as their country begins to separate. Confronted with conflicting identities, the youth of Northern Sudan is caught in the hands of a stagnant and totalitarian regime. Southern Sudan, however, must build a new country from scratch—but at what cost? Each in their own way, they are waiting to rebuild their country. For the first time, a film gives voice to young Sudanese of diverse origins, Muslim and Christian. The Longest Kiss paints an intimate portrait of a complex society and its inevitable fragmentation.

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Alexandra Sicotte-Lévesque
Alexandra Sicotte-Lévesque

Producer Yanick Létourneau / Alexandra Sicotte-Lévesque


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Distribution & sales

Distribution Canada Les Films du 3 Mars / Ciné-Fête
International Sales Les Films du 3 Mars
Diffuser Superchannel

Technical Credits

Director of Photography Katerine Giguère
Film Editing Myriam Magassouba / Diego Briceno-Orduz
Score Olivier Alary
Sound Recording Jean-François Sauvé / Alexandra Sicotte-Lévesque
Sound Design Jean-François Sauvé
Sound Mixing Hans Laitres

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