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The Winter’s Keeper 2010

Gardien d’Hiver

Edgar, a lonely and slightly offbeat immigrant, is looking after the apartment of a friend who has left on a trip. Over the course of his visits, he becomes familiar with the intimate details of the absent woman and comes to desire and wait for her return. But as the months go by, the mail accumulates and reality finally sinks in.

to come

Short documentary
Katherine Jerkovic
Katherine Jerkovic

Producer Yanick Létourneau / Katherine Jerkovic


Pablo Diconca
Jérémie Verrette
Dalina Hernandez

Distribution & sales

Distribution Canada Les Films du 3 Mars

Technical Credits

Director of Photography Nicolas Canniccioni
Film Editing Mathieu Bouchard-Malo
Art Direction Caroline Alder
Sound Recording Tod Vandyk
Sound Design Bruno Pucella
Sound Mixing Jean Paul Vialard

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