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Things Never Said in Playa Perdida 2001

Things never said in Playa Perdida

24 hours in a desolate industrial town, J.D. and Alex search for the right place to conceive a baby. Alex’s biological clock is pitted against J.D.’s inebriated state in a collision of emotions that takes them from euphoria to frustration.

Regard sur le court-métrage au Saguenay

Festival 3 Amériques 2003

Cine Las Americas 2003

Rendez-vous du cinéma Québécois 2002

New York Latino Film Festival 2002

Toronto Latino Film Festival 2002

Festival Ibero American 2002.

Ibero-American Film Festival of Montreal 2002

Best Short Film Award at the Festivalissimo de Montréal 2003

Short documentary
Diego Briceño-Orduz
Zoé Kerrigan

Producer Yanick Létourneau
Line Producer Henrique Vera-Villanueva


John Vamvas
Olga Montes
Nancy Roy
Serge Patry

Distribution & sales

Distribution Canada Zuno Films

Technical Credits

Director of Photography Alex Margineanu
Film Editing Diego Briceño
Score Roberto C. Lopez
Art Direction Zoé Kerrigan
Sound Recording Marco Fania
Sound Design Pierre Michaud
Costumes Amy Keith
Hair and Make-up Laurie Jackson
Sound Mixing Pierre Michaud

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