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Useless Things 2010

Useless Things

Shashin is a young second generation immigrant struggling to find his identity after the loss of his parents. We follow his reflections on his chosen path, memories of his family and dreams of Hindu mythology. As he goes through the old boxes, Shashin begins to find meaning in the seemingly insignificant odds and ends that fill the cold house that was once his home. Taking us backwards and forwards in time to follow his memories, Useless Things is a dreamlike journey of forgiveness, enlightenment and self-discovery.

Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois 2010 Reelworld.

Writers Guild of Canada English script prize Festival du Nouveau Cinema

Short documentary
Faisal Lutchmedial
Faisal Lutchmedial

Producer Josselyn Alvarado
Executive producer Yanick Létourneau


Erica Smith
Faisal Lutchmedial
Anhsu Pathak
Ranjana Jha

Distribution & sales

Distribution Canada Les Films du 3 Mars
Sales CBC
Broadcasters CBC

Technical Credits

Director of Photography Osheen Harruthoonyan
Film Editing Faisal Lutchmedial
Score Emory Murchison / Rishi Dhir / Jawad Chaaban / Crys Cole/ Curtis Walker
Sound Recording Emory Murchison
Sound Design Emory Murchison

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